What makes boardgames so special?

When I mention to an average joe that I play boardgames, their usual response is "oh, like Monopoly"?

Obviously based on what I am working towards here with 3DimensionGames, its not Monopoly.

But my passion for modern boardgames started in 2014 and grew year after year.   It was fun at first to discover games that I never even new existed.   Gone were the Parker Bros and Hasbro days.  Now it was days of Days of Wonder, Asmodee, and Rio Grande Games.     

Discovering this hidden world of boardgames was like a child discovering a treasure trove of toys, but they were not toys.  Well, some of them were. But most of them were fun strategy games that made you think.   Entry level, or gateway, games like Ticket to Ride, SmallWorld, Dominion, and 7 Wonders were new, fresh, and fun.

But the game that really opened the door to a whole new world was Pandemic.   It was a cooperative game, with a theme everyone could relate to, and it was difficult.   Very difficult.   We would play Pandemic over and over, losing time and time again.   But when we finally beat the game, and joy and camaraderie was infectious.   We still, to this day, look back at that time, 6 years ago, and remember it fondly.

And its these time of experiences that made playing boardgames so enjoyable.   As I mentioned in a previous post, I live with highly active ADHD, and along with that, anxienty.   When I sit down for a night of games, I can drift away from the real world.   I can forget about work, money, health, and any other problem I might have.  Where I drift depends on the game.  Sometimes its leading an army into war in Egypt, but other nights I'm running a local art gallery, Im a cowboy driving my cattle across Kansas.    

One thing is for sure, boardgames are escapism at its best.   No TVs blasting, not texts of phone calls to deal with.   Just plain old analog, physical in person enjoyment.   

A good example of this was a game of Great Wester Trail last summer.  I was going to a really rocky time in my marriage, with my wife and I separated.   I had no idea where my life was going.   The love of my life had left and I was severely depressed.   But life, as everyone says, must go on.   So Saturday night came around, and for 2 hours, all the pain and anguish I had been feeling was gone.  Sure it came back when the game was over, but I was able to escape and give myself some relief.   By the way, the missus and I worked through our issues and are happier than ever.

To wrap things up, I am so thankful I found myself in the hobby of boardgaming.   Not only is it a fun hobby, a very social hobby, but it also allows you to put aside all the grease and grime of daily life and just sit back with friends and be carefree.  Like kids.

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